Your vibe attracts your tribe.


Founded with love for music, by four positive spirits and with that unexplainable (but oh so wonderful) feeling of a beautiful day in summer. The ultimate goal is to form a tribe of like-minded spirits, and to take all of you on a Nomadic trip.

To enter the oasis, precious gems are to be collected. Once inside, you will discover a stellar line-up, with a mixture of local vagabonds and international diggers. Just follow the tunes and drift away into the dream called Nomads Festival.


For questions and media inquiries please contact us through:

Huisreglement (NL)



For the fifth year in a row we're back at our beloved location behind the Olympic Stadium, Sportpark Riekerhaven. The location is easy accessible by bike and public transport from the city center.

Sportpark Riekerhaven

Overschiestraat 190
1062 XK Amsterdam

Public Transport

Metrostation Henk Sneevlietweg
(Line 50, from Amsterdam Central Station towards Isolatorweg)

Google Maps Location

Bike & Car