You never walk alone, so let's dance together.

On the 24th of June, 2017, Nomads Festival celebrates a milestone. And we need you exotic explorers to fill the oasis with love, smiles and dances.

Join the tribe.

Words from the master

“Stand out for what you believe and understand what you bring to the table of life. When you understand that, you can play the game of life."

Join the tribe.

Nomadic All Star Ensemble

In the oasis of music, you’ll find an all-star mix of both up-and-coming and already established artists, most of them coming from the Dutch and American scene, with some small detours to Germany and France.

Spirit warm-up

Whether you want to find yourself in a down-town basement of NYC 1998, or an Amsterdam 2017 afterparty, our "up-up-and-away" collection of songs will take you to the desired music destination.

The ultimate Nomadic goal is to form a tribe of like-minded spirits, and to take all of you on a trip of positive vibes.

Join the tribe.

If you have any doubts about the quality on offer – don’t. Nomads Festival has sold out every year running and will most likely do the same this year, we're now at 5683 people and counting.